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Monthly Tuition

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Question 01:

At what age can my dancer begin taking classes?

A: Xtreme Dance offers classes to dancers ages 2-18 years old. We strive to have great programs for all dancers, all ages, all levels! 

Question 02: 

What should my dancer wear to class?

A: We want each dancer to feel comfortable in their dance attire. We prefer students wear activewear they can move around in as well as the appropriate dance shoe. We are happy to size your dancer for their shoes here at the studio. 

Question 03:

Will my dancer perform in a recital?

A: Yes, your dancer will have the option to participate in our end of year recital! 

Question 04:

Can I stay and watch my child take their dance class?

A: Of course you can! Parents are not required to stay and watch but are always welcome. We have viewing windows available in each of our classrooms.

Question 05: 

Is this a month-to-month commitment?

A: We hope that our dancers will stay and learn with us throughout the year, but we do understand if you need to withdraw from classes at any time. We ask that you just stop by the front desk or email us and we can remove your dancer from class prior to the next month.

Question 06:

I've heard dance is a really large commitment and we are not quite ready for competition dance. Can my child just come to dance for fun at Xtreme?

A: Absolutely!! We have dance classes for everyone. Whatever your time and financial commitment ability is, we have a program for each and every one of you. Whether that is one class a week, or enrolling in our Elite Competition program, we are here to help your child learn and grow at their own individual pace!

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